from the artist´s hand

Special skill, inexhaustible ideas and decades of experience come together when Doris Gassmann sits down at her work table to join her playful and lively pieces of jewelry.

She likes to let her pieces tell of ancient myths and past splendor, which she believes are still anchored somewhere in us and may fill their wearers with pride and a sense of seduction.

Precious stones are always the center of attention, which she dignifies with the greatest possible staging. Her surfaces are often adorned with fine ornaments from Arabic, Indian and Japanese patterns, but preferably from ancient Greece and Pompeii. Here she sees European roots in this culture, where these timeless aesthetic holds true to this day. A collection is also dedicated to the Celts of early times, who were indigenous to the region where she lives in Germany.

Working and exhibiting in Chalki's Galleraki

The jewellery

Individual and unique are all the lovingly handcrafted pieces made of high-carat gold, silver with precious stones and pearls. With her technique, developed over many years of experience, the goldsmith transfers ornaments and motifs into the metal and creates her playful jewellery, which always seems to have something to tell. Rings, earrings and necklaces are meant to express femininity, paired with the modern self-confidence of women today.

Silver jewelry with aquamarine, tourmaline, larimar, pink quartz, amethyst, freshwater pearls, citrine, blue agate, onyx and many more.

Photos: D.Gassmann / all rights reserved