Mirrors and more


On the subject of "mirrors" Doris Gassmann is primarily interested in the design of wall objects, which, on the one hand can be decorative, or on the other hand, change something in the room. Depth is created by the mirror surfaces and movements generating different images as you walk through the room.

She usually creates wide frames, which she then designs with her abstracted motifs. Some are painted beforehand, some are covered with gold or silver leaf.
Thus, small golden shoals of fish move across the surfaces or cacti proliferate in relief. One also finds fig leaves flying around, a motif that is also used on the cushions. She also likes to apply the dried flowering branches of agaves with gilded tips.
"Basically, the objects are jewelry for the wall, the mirror itself the gem that I set," says the designer.
Sometimes she also paints the surfaces, the theme being underwater worlds.

In addition to Doris Gassmann´s own distinctive creations,  ceramics and paintings by artist friends are also discovered in her unique Chalki´s Galleraki studio.

Some examples (Size: 80 x 80cm):

Fotos: D.Gassmann / all rights reserved